Eugenics in correlation with Singularity and the Transcendent Man


I believe the movie “Gattaca” is a direct representation of what our society is headed for. This movie raises issues that plague our society today even though it is based in the distant future. I believe that our problems today may eventually morph into something similar to the social statuses in the film.

From birth Vincent Freeman is classified as being less adept than his fellow peers. Because of his genetic heart condition he is separated and therefore alienated from all the things the world has to offer. I want to draw a similarity to a major issue in our society. The issue of wealth gap is increasingly becoming a major topic in our society. I believe that this issue is the one that might eventually turn into a similar problem in the film. In the film a higher social status is completely unreachable with a subpar genetic makeup. If you believe in Ray Kurzweil’s idea of Singularity and the Transcendent  Man then this wealth gap will eventually cause an unobtainable social status and even a shorter life span for those who were not born into wealth. The idea of the Transcendent man is that human beings will be fused with technology such as engineered cells that have less room for error than our biological cells. Therefore we will become a human machine. People that have no wealth and a lower social status will be unable to obtain these technological advancements and will eventually die out. Kurzweil refuses to accept the idea of physical death which means in the future he believes that humans merged with technology might never die. The ethical implications of these ideas are endless. Today there are still many deterring  hurdles to jump over for people of a lower wealth class. Never the less it is still possible, for people who came from nothing,  to make something of themselves.  In the film it is no longer possible for someone with a predisposition to live completely free without limitations. I believe our society is headed in this direction if current trends continue.  Fortunately there will always be humans who fight this idea. There will always be activists fighting for equality. Will they win? Only time will tell. Near the end we are given a beacon of hope during the scene of the swimming race with Vincent’s brother. Vincent’s brother has all the advantages in the world but fails to succeed in beating Vincent. This goes to show that you can be born with every advantage but still can be unsuccessful. The drive and motivation that Vincent carries with him is stronger than that of genetics. My hope is that in the future people who carry Vincent’s drive will still have the chance to become something great and not be discarded at birth.

I will be presenting week 6


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