Week 2 Response / Eugenics in Science Fiction Movie.

Bioengineering technologies such as clone and biosensor are making changes of our lives now. Human try to use different ways to change the nature, however it actually brought a lot problems. In Andrew Niccol’s movie Gattaca(1997), it raises the problem of eugenics. People who under genetic changes became nearly perfect. However, Vincent, as a normal human was viewed as a “lower class”. People who like Vincent could not even have the chance to accomplish their dream because they were not born with large brain capacity and stronger bodies.

Vincent’s brother Anton is an example of people who have strong body but still not satisfied. He’s superiority feeling made him think and act like a cold blood animal. However, Anton could not decide what he would be before he was born. His parent made this decision for him because most parents want their child to have a better future. He is more like a experiment of the genetic developing process.

Due to the eugenics. People under genetic modification already have the privilege to go to the space. When Vincent is well prepared for the interview, the only thing interviewer need to know is he is under genetic modification. This means people do not have genetic changes can never have the chance to go to space no matter how many efforts they put in to.


Gattaca “Valid” (http://trynext.com/diary/images/130518.jpg)

Another interesting fact appeared when Vincent’s picture showed up on Anton’s device when Anton testes Jerome’s blood. Even though Vincent dyed his hair, were eye contact and “stretched” his legs,Vincent and Jerome still looked very different. Anton did not even recognize it. In the world filled with bioengineered development, people would rather trust their genetic status more than their real eyes. They only thing they care is a “valid” sign shows on their device.

Gattaca(1997) Movie Clips.

Vincent is the lucky one, He uses Jerome’s gene to pass the interview. He has this dream so he tried his best to go to the space. Vincent shows that normal people like him actually has stronger faith than the people under genetic modification. Even though Vincent is viewed as “lower class”, he can still do things that Anton cannot do. The final swim scene indicates that even though Anton has better gene and stronger body, he still can not persist  and accomplish the race. Unlike Anton, Vincent’s strong faith made him persist things that he want to do. Eugenic does not apply here because Vincent beat Anton.

People tries to change the world and the nature by using technologies. If the relationship between nature and technologies can not be balanced, many problems will occur and eventually destroy human beings. Eugenic can choose people who have better brain capacity and stronger body but it cannot choose people who have stronger faith.

-Liwei Wang

(I will be presenting during week 4 )



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