Week 2 Response — Gattaca


Gattaca, a film which released in 1997. The story was about a person, Vincent, who had the “bad gene” that did not have been enhanced before his birth. I thought this film was really interesting in many ways. First, I found out that many of the scenes had the symbol of the gene which reflected the tittle and the issue that introduced in the film.


The stairs in Jerome Eugene’s place

Image1 sloboda_gattaca_01

The dormer in the work place


The shutter in the background

Vincent or Jerome -- Gattaca

 The passageway in the work place

As we all know that in this film, Vincent was the last “natural” baby who was born without choosing his genes. He was been told that his gene was defective that he would not live longer than 30 years. On the other hand, his brother, Antonio’s gene were been selected which meant that he was genetically better than Vincent. The whole movie was based on the genetic idea that the one who had the better gene was been believed to a stronger or the better person; therefore, these scenes made me feel that the director wanted to show the only thing that characters in this film cared about was the gene that people had.

The other thing that interested me was that Vincent wanted to show everyone that even he did not get the perfect gene, he could still do the thing as good as those who had the selected gene (or even better). One of the way he tried to prove that he was as strong as Antonio was the swimming competition. He tried every thing to prove he could do anything although his parents did not believe he could. He did everything to strengthen his weakness.

In this final scene, we could see that the person who was checking these people’s gene knew that Vincent was the one who should not be here (the invalid one), but he let Vincent pass the exam and let him get on the spaceship. The tunnel Vincent passed by was like a transition of Vincent’s life, by passing the passageway, he became a new him which was the one he always wanted to be. Also, Jerome Eugene went into the space where he would be burned by the flame of the spaceship made me feel that the spirit of Jerome was already transferred to Vincent.

In this film, gene was everything and Vincent was the one who tried to break the myth. Vincent and Jerome were at the different end of the scale (Jerome had the selected gene as Antonio did). Vincent, who had the flawed gene but he never compromised with it; conversely, he tried everything to make him get closer to his dream (to be an astronaut). In the other side, Jerome who had the perfect gene but lost his legs in an accident (he also lost his motivation in after that). As the time passed by, the determination of Vincent affected Jerome that he also told Vincent “I got the better end of the deal. I only lent you my body, you lent me your dream.” It was the film that everyone should think about the information that the director introduced to us. Although we could choose the gene, it did not mean the gene was everything and we could not choose the road we wanted to proceed on. Everyone could decide the road to follow, as long as the person had the determination and persistence.


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