Week 1 and 2 readings

The opening question asked us what Art and Science have to do with each other, and I believe one of the answers was that culture needed collaboration of the two focuses in order for civilization to grow further. C.P Snow had coined a term called the Two Cultures theory in which the Arts/Humanities and Science are vastly different. They would seem to have different languages depicted by artists being “multi-layered” and the resistance of categorization. There were many examples depicting the collaboration of science/technology and artists such as “White Devil” by David Rokeby and David Garrin which had a robotic watchdog bark at people whenever they moved in a commentary about surveillance. When people start thinking about the collaborations of different “cultures” while using a medium such as technology, there are plenty of opportunities and possibilities available to us.

Wilson introduces us to many fields that are being researched by artists and scientists alike. Some of these include the incorporation of biology and its many subdivisions such as microbiology, animals, plants, ecology, medicine, and the body. Scientists say that biology is going to define the twenty-first century through its achievements. Researchers have already begun working with nanotechnology and the application of technology to the microscopic level. Sensory applications have begun taking shape such as running electric through taste in order to make things taste better or worse. Bioidentification is always seen in movies as a hand or eye scanner. In fact there are developments where a sensor can scan the veins in the back of your hand along with the geometry. Eye vein sensors are also created as a way to identify people. Bionics are a popular topic for human advancement. Although it may be far for science and technology to create a biologically capable cyborg with all its parts, we as a species are getting there pretty quickly. There are many practical, sociocultural, and ethical implications that come along with the territory of art and science. Such as when Eduardo Kac was quoted saying that Transgenic art will be ongoing and is inevitable. We as a society must determine what is deemed ok for the purposes of advancement as a species. Questions asked will decide whether there is a line to be crossed or if something is ethical.

I feel that technology and art is quickly surpassing the regulations of man, and that we are struggling to adapt. However with all challenges, humans have persisted in times of uncertainty. Currently there are still debates about the free web and the implications of heavily regulating its uses such as in other countries. Privacy and how much we allow our government to control our lives are topics of commentary in the news and art world that is to be determined. Such as with the industrial revolution and the technological revolution, I feel the next step will indeed dwell into biological/technical progress during the twenty-first century. It will be interesting to see how the world will grow during my lifetime and what my role will be within it.

-David Wang

ps. I was one of the people who didn’t get the email until now, and I believe I signed up week 5, which is week 4 material.


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