Week 3/ Ecology and Art

As I went through the reading of this week, Alexis Rockman’s work really caught my eyes. As a contemporary artist, his work demonstrates the evolutionary progress of different kinds of species in terms of bio technologies and pollution. One of his work called Mud Drawings uses garbage and sewage as his pigment to paint. His work combines the natural and art and better present the artwork itself. Also, he’s work raises the question of how sewage and garbage can be reused in our daily life and meanwhile how can we protect our living environment and the ecology.

42_tat-bluebottleflies th-42_tat-germ-roach 42_freshkillsopossum 42_tat-phragmites

Another series of Rockman is very interesting too. He collected soil from different places and mix them with acrylic polymer to form pigment. For example, In Rockman’s painting Fairie Penguin, he collected soil from Muttonbird’s nest. He perfectly combined the penguin he drew and the soil from Muttonbird’s nest to better demonstrate the bird and the ecological environment the penguin lives in. In one of his other work Giant Tasmanian Crayfish, he collected soil from the Hebe River and formed paint to complete this project. He uses different materials to make connection between ecology and art. This is a new way of not only how ecological environment is being demonstrated but also the object itself. One quote from the reading can be better explained how Rockman view his work, he said, “I think, privately—and it’s almost embarrassing to say—but there is something about using that material that makes it more authentic for me, and it sort of becomes a bridge from being here to there” (Wilson 143). The soil he used became the bridge of our ecological environment and the animal themselves.44_crabarms 44_fairypenguinth-44_11ferns  44_thylacine3

Another ecological artist named Asmaa Benechir created a ecological gallery and teaches disadvantaged women to reuse daily object to create organic products. She basically transforms daily objects to diverse objects. For instance, she uses stools that people use in their bathroom and cover them with recycle paper. She created paint by using natural materials such as nuts and nuts shell to paint the stool with motif. She decorated these daily objects to a new form by using natural materials and made me feel that artwork she made is more closer to the nature.

-Liwei Wang


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