Week 3 / Ecology as Art / Bioart

What fascinated me most about our last lecture was the examples and discussions of ecological formations, such as plants and other natural phenomena, as art. It made me think about photographs of natural disasters, such as lightning, and hurricanes, as art.

Photographer Marko Korosec, aged 31, takes the risk of chasing lightning.  He has been zapped multiple times, and  he even goes so far as getting so close, that he gets knocked over by its shockwaves.  Korosec is a Slovenian-based photographer,

Strike two: Multiple bolts of lightning hit the ground in one of photographer Marko Korosec’s breathtaking images




What gets my attention is how we see these natural disasters as art and beauty, although they can cause destruction.  Although these natural phenomena can cause dangerous effects, such as lighting trees on fire, the capability of a camera capturing this light proses a question about art.  Is the lightning art?  Or is it the photo itself?  As bioart has its limitations, wherein materials may be hard to access or risky to work with, sometimes subject to federal regulations and restrictions, it is still considered as art.  The risk of having to go out during treacherous conditions begs the question of what really constitutes the work as art.  It relates to the risk of the x-ray, and how people have died from the radiation because our fascination with science pushes our boundaries.  Despite people dying from the radiation, the experimenting continued, because it was necessary to advance into a technology that would become so useful.

– Rasmikah “Mikah” Al-arfaj


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