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Most people think of art and science as complete opposite concepts; however Ford has showed that art and science work together. Ford combines art and science to create automobile designs, work system designs, and landscape infrastructure development. Although Ford is mostly know for cars, he also designed the community Fordlandia. Fordlania is an old fashioned town designed for the employees working at Ford’s new rubber plantation.

Machine agency is a topic that interested me because it is so true. As humans we now think it is normal to always be using machines. Human and non-human activity will always be entwined. Artists today are starting to use science and technology in their works. For example, Wafa Bilal who implanted a camera in the back of his head to record his life. My favorite artist that uses science with her works is Orlan. In her project, “The Reincarnation Of Saint” she creates art by surgically changing her body to transform herself to look like various famous paintings.





Almost every machine or piece of technology came from a design first. Artists replicate species or body parts to help teach the others about how organisms works. For example; Dorothy Hodgkin based her wallpaper on crystallography. These wallpapers have a very fun print, and are educational. She was able to create art from the molecular structure of vitamin B-12. Therefore; art is actually helping science become more understandable to people all around the world.

The Festival Pattern Group is another great example of art and science. Artists use the structures of Insulin, Pentaerythritol, Borci Acid, Hemoglobin, and Alluminum Hydroxide, to make colorful artworks printed on plates, and clothing. I think this is a stylish and fun way to learn about molecular structures.

Christina Carr



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