Prompt: Week 4

This week we looked at technology and art as they engage sound and medicine. This week, write a Case Study of a project mentioned in our book, in class, or in the online reference links that explores issues related to these themes.

Your case study should start off by naming the project and artist, describing the project in detail, and providing whatever contextual information you can find about where it has been shown or presented. Where there collaborators or institutional partners? What materials and technologies were used? What was the process? What is the broader social and cultural context of the project’s time or place (or placeless-ness)? Finally, what issues does the project contend with related to the questions asked in our class? How might the issues raised by the project be extended into broader social, cultural, technological, scientific or artistic practices and thinking? Use an image or images to show us more about the project.

This will be a good exercise for the kind of descriptive and reflective writing important for your paper or project description.

Please include a fitting title for your blog (dont just call it Week 4, use words that describe its content), make sure to put your name at the bottom, and please add tags to your posts to make our blog more searchable.

have a good weekend and good luck!



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