Week 3 : Body/ Ecology

I was amazed by the Fat of the Land video that was shown in class. It is a great idea to use wasted grease to fuel your car. Over 600 million gall of wasted grease are produced in the US each year.

The history of X-rays was also very interesting. People would loose their limbs due to radiation exposure while expirimenting with the first machines. Artists portrayed X-rays as a sexual/death symbol because it is like people are stripping their clothes off and you can see their skeleton. Then artists became able to use X-rays for their art. For example, Moholy-Nagy creativly uses house hold tools along with hands to create a piece of art through an X-ray.xray

Is faith in Gods hands or in the local geneticist? Gattaca was a frightening movie that uses eugenics to improve the quality of life. Eugenics does improve the quality of life, and autonomy; however for the unplanned pregnancies of the “normal” children there will not be equal opportunities the children that were planned with eugenics.

I don’t think a reality like the one in Gattaca would work out very well. As a parent, I would be very proud if I made the perfect child; however if the child did not turn out how I wanted, I would be upset for the child I created. I don’t think we are prepared for eugenics and we don’t know what are aren’t prepared for. Eugenics is dehumanizing’ for we would loose something. We should accept our children for who they are naturally. The love for our children would be like love for our products instead.

Christina Carr



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