Everything we have come to know is a cultural and societal construction. In other words, the things we have grown up believing to be real are only real because that is the way we perceive them.

In the reading the author gives the example of pain and pleasure. I have often pondered the question of what is pain and why do we feel it as painful. It is a tough subject to come to an absolute conclusion on the idea. The author explains that a thing that might be painful to an individual in one culture may not be experienced negatively by an individual in another culture. I believe this to some extent but I also believe that our bodies experience pain as a biological reaction to injury. A significant way to notify the body that something is not right. I have the same questions about taste. In the end is real a legitimate thing or is everything based from perception.

If we integrate bio technology into our lives is it natural or unnatural. I believe this can be perceived as natural. In a bigger picture anything we do is natural. We come from the earth and all of our inventions and ideas are just as much a part of the natural world as nature is. I also believe that we are a part of nature even though we are changing every aspect of this world we are still part of it. The human race has nothing to compare itself to. There is no prominent example of what an ideal environment is.

Connor Bush


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