Week 4/ Case Study: Bitter Taste Perception

One project I found interesting from lecture that professor Cartwright gave us this week was the Bitter Taste Perception. In this project, Jessica Mullen and her friend Liz Wade sent away to http://www.23andme.com to get their genetic code. All the genetic code can be represented by Adenosine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymidine which is A,C,G,T. After Mullen received her genetic code, 23andme informed her that she can taste bitter according to her genetic code. Mullen started to convey these code into musical form. Her friend Liz assigned Adenosine to A note, Cytosine to C note, Guanine to G note and Thymidine to F sharp. Then, repeat the genetic sequence several times to form this genetic music project.屏幕快照 2015-02-01 3.22.14 PM

Image: Genetic code used in Bitter Taste Perception

Based on the Bitter Taste Perception, another artist Amy Pickard took the first paragraph of Mullen’s genetic code and modified a little bit to form a new song. What she did was keep C and G the same and change T to F and change A to A minor which is one of the bitterest chord. She added lyrics and named it “Where are the roses”. The song provided a sad motion and also a bitter feeling which matched Mullen’s genetic characteristics.


“Where are the roses”

The Bitter Taste Perception raised the question of how human genetic codes can be used in musical production. Since each human being has unique genetic code, maybe in the future everyone will have a unique music piece that only belongs to themselves.Genetic code combine with music can also be used by other animals and plants and maybe we can find out some unique pattern in it. Like the piece “Where are the roses”, genetic code music can be widely adjust by people to form different kinds of feelings.

23andme_logo www.23andme.com

People are combining different things together to find out secrets of this world such as combining genetic code and music. Meanwhile, more companies can help people to find out the questions about our gene and origin such as 23andme. This company can help people analyzing gene and check genetic diseases so people can prevent them early.

Another genome music I found really dulcet and relax that want to share with everyone. The Symphony of Life by Stuart Mitchell

-Liwei Wang


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