“Quantum” as it relates to CERN

It is interesting to me that CERN happened to appear in the topics of lecture last week, as earlier in the week i was actually watching some videos about it. For those of you that dont know, CERN stands for the European Organization for Nuclear Research and is home to the worlds largest particle physics laboratory. Since 1954, CERN has been consistently expanding our knowledge of the universe in ways that would appear to be practically science fictional.

The art piece discussed in class that relates back to CERN is the artistic collaboration titled “Quantum.” This piece brings together the talent of choreographer Gilles Jobin, composer Carla Scaletti, a team of magnificent dancers, designers and physicists to bring to life a visual and aural representation of the perpetual motion of the particles that make up the fabric of our universe. This performance was a follow up to CERNs discovery of the Higgs Boson particle, or as some would call it, the God Particle. Which brings me to the question relating back to our class, as technology continues to advance and mankind pushes the limits of the universe, there will always be those from the more religious perspective speaking out against science as “playing god” and condemning those advancements: ” how is our generation of scientists and artists alike supposed to handle individuals and organizations such as these?”

To illustrate my point, simply go to youtube and search for CERN. The variety of videos that pop up is actually somewhat amusing. On the one hand, you have very scientific excerpts that speak of the detailed science involved in what CERN is doing and praises them as geniuses. On the other hand, there are videos claiming that CERN is the devils organization on earth and that through all their particle research they are attempting to open a portal to hell to release the devil and his demons and usher in the end of days. They even claim that CERNs trademark symbol contains the mark of the beast…the infamous 666.

When it comes to powerful new technologies that may be issuing mankind into the next era, there is unfortunately a large population of this earth that is ruled by fear. Fear is one of the basic human emotions that keeps us from becoming better people. Fear holds us back, fear looks at CERN and sees illusions, while a matter of simple education and faith in humanity will shatter that fear and propel us into the future. I believe much of our society are prisoners to fear. As a young artist, it is my desire to help free those imprisoned minds through my work. To do this will require hard work and a lot of patience and one particular ingredient, the emotion that is anti-fear….love.


~Jonathan Yergler


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