the invisible body of space and knowledge without words

im really interested in the body. The body in art, in science, and in space. I was ultimately drawn this week to this idea of the production of space

I am curious about artists that explore notions of objectness, materialism and space; as an art, an object and a body. I started to explore the art and artists that we have covered in lecture and was particularly drawn to this imagine of grace hopper.Unknown-1

Lisa’s comments suggest that the objectness of the papers in her hands and canisters on the desk is lost in relationship to the machine also shown. That their objectness is diminished because of the implied data and code contained in the media, in this case the body of this machine. The idea of storage media was curious to me. Are people just storage media? Just body’s with implied knowledge? does the body of this machine invite us to dig deeper into historically understanding objects without words that emerged from the early printers and computing machines and what they were “bringing into being”.

I started to wonder–Are machines artists? Furthermore, are the objects machines, like printers, are creating; art? It gets sticky suddenly. When one thinks about how historically printers are associated with flat 2d documents and words, information, and ultimately the press, hence printing press. Consequently then is an association, at least in the United States, with the freedom of speech and expression when talking about ‘printers’. But what about when printers are making things without words? Are they still printing? What is printing? If a printer is 3d and creates objects with no words how does that factor into speech? Is a machine like a printer a media, medium or a body and can it be all of those? I find this interesting tension around the idea of machines implied knowledge and the knowledge coming into being through them. How is it that knowledge is being mediated through a machine and being created by a machine at the same time? Who then is the artist? The maker? Or The designer? It may be a slippery slope but I was sucked into a black hole of questions around the body as a machine, and the machine as the body in space, the production of space, and the invisibility of a body in space and I found myself searching for examples of this in contemporary art.Unknown

I found this example clever. Here you see an image of the artist Ceal Floyer’s piece titled, “ Monochrome Till Receipt (white) Shown at the Tate museum in 1999.

Monochrome Till Receipt (White) 1999 by Ceal Floyer born 1968

a closer look at what is being displayed is the 393×80 mm ink on paper on wall. But it’s a receipt?!? Is that art?   Ceal Floyer is an artist known for her work in a variety of mediums that share a wry approach to language and the semiotics and not only invites the viewers to renegotiate their perception of the world but, forces them too. Here is a wonderfully silly way of approaching the deeper implications and analysis of contemporary art. Where is the art happening? Where does art happen anyways? Is it on the wall? Is it in the materials being displayed? Is there a creator? Is the maker the register that printed the receipt or the person buying the contents of what is being displayed on the receipt? In this piece the body is invisible in space. Is the art here just an idea that sparks the social commentary surrounding the knowledge that is being communicated through its display? Or is it all just bullshit?

Leslie Ewen


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