Week 5: Rapid Prototyping; 3D Printing

3-dimensional printing is not a new technology but becomes popular and efficient in these days that people could print everything out and it is not just on the paper with an image, it is exactly an object that we could hold on our hands. I had taken VIS 40 in 2014 winter quarter in UCSD, and one of the course assignment was to create a 3-D printed object. It was interested to build a 3-D model on the  computer with a special software.

Here is a link of a video that explain how to apply a 3-D printing object in our daily life.

In this video, Lisa mentioned that the 3-D Printing machine has already existed for 30 years form now, but the 3-D printers were not popular in the past were “because typically they’ve been too inefficient, inaccessible, they’ve not been fast enough, they’ve been quite expensive.” Now, the technologies have been improved, we could apply the technology into our lives. A 3-D printer prints an object layer by layer from the base to the top.

In the picture on the right was a ring I made in VIS 40 via a 3-D printer on 2014-03-05 01.12.44campus. First, I had to design the object by a software and considered the size of the ring to “customize” my own ring. I thought this was really interested that people could actually design everything that they want. Although the outcome of this ring was not as perfect as I thought, it was a special experience for me and I also believed that the 3-D printing technology could be improved in the future and it will become as common as any printing machine now.

“Rapid prototyping systems are capable of creating parts with small internal cavities and complex geometries. Also, the integration of rapid prototyping and compressive processes has resulted in the quicker generation of patterns from which molds are made” (Wilson 129). Although 3-D printing technology is still improving, it has already been developed really well now. People could search online to find the company that could make you your own object.


In this website, we could download the app to build the model that we wanted to print by a 3-D printer, it could also let you choose the material that you wanted to print with.

Here are more 3-D printed project that some artists made.

As we could see in this video, 3-D printing has already become much easier to access and easier to use and understand.

With the 3-D printing technology, everything becomes possible. The factory could make a merchandise fast and accurate and the customer could get exactly what he/she wants by telling the seller which product he/she wants or desires.

Tzu-Hsien Yang


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