Week 3 Response: Body and Ecology

In week 3, the topic was called Body/Ecology. During class, the word bioart was defined as “Bioart – practices in which artists  work with living forms, processes, organisms, and/or tissue — using cloning, genetic engineering, tissue culturing, and other methods to work with living matter or to manufacture life, often in labs and sometimes collaboratively with scientists.” The subject was interesting since I was always interested in prosthetics and cyborgs. The topic reminded me of this guy who surgically inserted a smartphone sized computer into his forearm. His name is Tim Cannon, and the computer is called Circadia 1.0. This is the first time human being to have a non-medical computer implanted inside his body. The Circadia 1.0 was implanted in Tim’s forearm without the aid of anesthetic or a licensed doctor. The device is designed to gather biometric data and beam it to a mobile device, making Tim Cannon the first DIY cyborg.

Even though his movement was bold, he had to remove the computer due to battery pack expansion on Jan 30, 2014.

I thought going to a great extent to experiment with this idea of bioart was very sacrificial because often times, they would have to endure pain, or sometimes even death as people who died from overexposure from the radiation of x-rays.

On the side note, I thought his tattoo was pretty symbolic as it has the DNA inside the gear, which shows the integration of mechanical parts to biological parts.


This sort of movement is intriguing because I can see how that technology will become so essential that it will be integrated into our bodies. I sometimes imagine how one day I won’t have to carry headphones all the time because in the future, there could be an integrated sound system in our brain that allows us to “listen.” However, this also raises concern about how the integration of technology and our body could be abused by others. Someone can “hack” someone else’s brain and control the person’s thought, which is pretty troublesome. In more of grand scheme, there could be government involvement where it can monitor people’s thought and implant new ideas or control people’s thought. Our internet usage is already being monitored by the government agencies such as NSA, so it would not be too unrealistic to say that government would do such things to its citizens.


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