Week 5: G.P.S. Technology and Consequences

In this week’s response, I wanted to write about the Global Positioning System, or GPS in short. GPS is such a wonderful tool that allows us to explore the space and navigate through. GPS has became such an integrated technology to us. As it becomes part of our lives more and more, we become vulenerable to its potential abuse. One issue that raises the most concern regarding GPS technology would be surveillance and invasion of privacy. The abusers of GPS can range from significant others to the government. Imagine in the future, there will be a chip that is implented in everyone which will be used to track down everyone’s locations and movements by the government. It will be a huge violation of privacy, but we cannot gurantee that a government would not do such thing because different governments have done things that violates privacy in the name of security. Examples would be the National Security Agency or NSA survelling everyone’s internet activity in attempts to prevent terrorism. For a smaller scale than the government, people can be victims of GPS technology by their families or significant others. My friend is an example of GPS technology victim as she was forced to download an app on her phone which sends GPS location of her to her parents all the time. Her parents would check whether or not she went to her classes everyday, and question every suspicious travel that she may have made. My friend was very stressed and her movements were very restricted since her parents will know exactly where she is. It is very unfortuante how much the GPS technology can enrich our lives so much yet it has the potential to destroy them as well, just like a missile that can pin point the target’s location.

In a less serious manner, I wanted to show how GPS can be a medium for art. One of the examples how GPS can be used as a medium for art is GPS drawing. The name is self explanatory, but to elabroate, GPS drawing works by plotting and tracing the path one travels, then it will draw the traces on the map of the place that the illustrator traveled. GPS drawing can be 2D or 3D depending on the method of travel. For example, if it was drawn by traveling on a car, it would be 2D, and if it was done by airplane, it is possible to produce a GPS drawing that is 3D. I feel like it represents how our life is made up of small moments just like how the GPS drawing does the drawing by taking individual points. It also links to the memory of each places that the person was traveling while drawing with GPS.
It reminds me that your life is a journey that is made up of small moments that will sum up to this grand drawing in the end, depending on how you plan on “drawing” your life.


Woongkee Min (Sean)


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