Title: Tracks

Artist: Leslie Ewen

Completion Date: Febuary 14, 2015

Place of Creation: Camera Exposure photo processing lab

Style : Photograph genre: Reprint

Technique Negative print

Material Photo print on silver gelatin photo paper

Link to documentation of piece: http….

Descriptive paragraph: This photograph was produced by scanning a copy of a negative using a digital photo program and computer followed by printing the image with printer on photo paper. The image is a print from the negative obtained in the 2009 edition of Esopus Number 12: Black and White the magazine that published an article by Peter Galison, Pellegrino University Professor in the History of Science and Physics at Harvard University. The article titled: Dark Tracks: A Brief History Of The Bubble Chamber included a negative as part of the piece printed in the magazine. The Photo’s from the negative are originally produced by Stanley Greenberg and printed individually in the pages following the article by Galison. I designed the piece in light of topics such as: cloning, printing, intellectual property and identity. This piece illuminates questions at the intersections of art and science and creates a discussion around the identity of the invisible. Influced by Dorothy Hodgkin, Wilhelm Rontgen, and Eduardo Kac.

Leslie Ewen


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