Midterm/Speculative Design: Choose Your Own App

Choose Your Own App

Title: Choose Your Own App

Artist: Kammy Yuan

Completion Date: Feb. 16 2015

Place of Creation: Home

Style: digital art, speculative design

Technique: Adobe Photoshop

Material: Computer

This project is in response to the topic of pre-selecting genes. It is a speculative design of what the future might become when we are able to genetically modify our children’s genes in any way possible on our portable devices. The app is the gate to easier access for genetically modification in the future. As there is already technology available for genetic modification for babies, we can only imagine how designers in the future will design something like this when genetic modification becomes more common and available. My intention is to bring this controversial issue to light, as I chose a more cartoonish and light theme layout to undermine the ethical issue of genetic modification. This way, I wish I could successfully provoke audience’s emotion regarding the ethics of pre-selecting genes.

The image is a snapshot of the app. It shows that the user is going to select which eye color he or she wants for the baby.

Some images are taken from creative commons on flickr.com. Images of the man, the eyes, and the grid behind the man are credited to creative commons, no copy right infringement intended.

-Kammy Yuan


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