Brain Surgery

Connor Bush, A11059357

VIS 159/ICAN 150 Midterm, Winter 2015

TA: Stephanie Sherman

Feb. 17, 2015

Brain Surgery

Title: [Brain Surgery]

Artist: [Connor Bush]

Completion Date: 2/15/15

Place of Creation (UCSD music lab)

Style (Musical composition)

Technique (Digital Audio Workstation)

Duration: 3 min 20 sec


My midterm project is a representation of genetic engineering entitled Brain Surgery. This piece represents the uncertainty of our aspirations to create and modify life. As of now it is uncertain what the outcome of splicing genes will be. The movie Young Frankenstein depicts a crazed doctor in Gene Wilder, who in the end engineers something he never intended to. There are a lot of ethical implications to his work which I believe correlates to genetic engineering. The community that knows nothing about engineering such life is outraged and confused. They fear what they don’t know. I also believe this to be true for our society today. Most of the nay sayers that are against genetic engineering, fear for the future. They might have legitimate concerns but mostly these arguments are based from conjecture.

Connor Bush


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