Week 6 / Midterm Project /Glowing Veins and Expression

Title: Glowing Veins and Expression

Artist: Liwei Wang & Jiayi Tao [Tuesday 9am section]

Completion Date: February 15, 2015

Place of Creation: Home and Media Lab

Style: Body Art Photography

Genre: Portrait

Technique: Photoshop

Material: Camera

angry111satisfied111scraed depressed Happy Normal   Teemo

Descriptive paragraph:

My project was inspired by Stelarc’s Third Ear and the GFP Bunny and these portraits were produced using photoshop. The idea of this project is by using genetic biology technologies, people and animals can express their emotion not only by their facial expression but also by part of their body. Each person can decide the way their want to express their feeling so each of them has their own identity. For example, my partner Jiayi, her unique way to express her emotions is by changing the color of the veins on her hand. Different emotions will cause the veins to show different colors. My way to express my emotion is by changing the color of the vein on my back. The emotions and the corresponding colors were based on the Mood Ring Color Chart. Moreover, since people and animals do not have the same language, it is hard for people to communicate with animals and notice animals’ emotion. In this project, animals also have their own way to express their emotions. For instance, my cat Teemo has his way to express his feeling. His eye color will change when he has different requests or feelings. Inspired by the GFP Bunny, the veins and cat’s eyes will glow in the dark. This way human can interact with each other and with animals better.

-Liwei Wang


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