Week 6 / Midterm Project / Unconventional Switch

Title: Unconventional Switch
Artist: Kelly CK Kwok
Completion Date: Feb 16, 2015
Place of Creation: Front yard and Kitchen
Style: Mechanical art, functional art, interactive art
Technique: Wood and electrical work

This piece is inspired by Norman Tuck’s use of Physics in his Art Machines. This piece is made from a hand drill and two pulleys I acquired from the swap meet and the thrift store. A friend of mine helped me take apart an old wooden pallet to use for the frame of the piece. In the beginning, the piece was only a pulley system with the hand drill providing all the torque but I thought it was too boring and wanted it to do more. I decided to incorporate some electrical into it and bought a cheap flashlight, a toggle switch, and some wire. At first, I had a hard time deciding how to make the two, mechanical and electrical components work together but I decide it would be neat to use the mechanical system to turn on the electrical one.

Youtube link of the machine working:


The whole process was really fun. I got to be creative by doing nerdy things and using my engineering skills. I like this genre of art because it allows the participants to be instantly curious instead of having to look really closely and interpreting the piece.


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