Title: Interlaced (2015)

Artist: Alice Musher

Completion Date: 2/17/15

Place of Creation: Materials harvested from UCSD. Built in Costa Verde Apartments and UCSD Wood Shop

Style: Modern sculpture

Technique: Wood sculpture

Material: Eucalyptus branches, hot glue, acrylic sealer, copper acrylic paint

My midterm project encompasses a sculpture I created produced using various branches from eucalyptus trees acquired from the UCSD campus. It is a reference and ode to the bioart section of our class, which greatly inspired me in this assignment, and even other ones as well. With an assistant, I harvested the material from areas around the Student Center, and Galbraith hall and refined it in the wood-shop at Mandeville. The sculpture is intended to serve as an example to other artists that potential materials for projects can be found and reused from what is literally around us at all times. The branches I harvested would have most likely ended up in a trash bin somewhere, seen as having no more purpose and as being dead. With this in mind, I decided to add purpose to this formerly “dead” and “useless” material and combine the natural and biological world with my artistic practice. With the branches I found, there was no way I would know in advance how the sculpture would look like in the end. The finished product is an organic form that biologically molded itself. Each branch is unique with different striations, ridges and even insects and bacteria living on it that have been sealed underneath the acrylic surface. The only physical alterations that I did was sawing off the ends of the branches to represent that hand of the artist, and in turn, the role all humans have in nature. Artists that greatly inspired me in this work are Dorothy Hodgkin with her patterns from crystallography and the Festival Pattern Group that created decorative designs based on the structures of different atoms for household products such as wallpaper, fabrics etc. In a way, my sculpture is a macro-pattern created with the combined elements of all the atoms the branches contain to create one coherent object that can be hung and shown in a gallery space, or exhibited within the comfort of your own home.




Notes: A prototype I created prior to completing this piece is shown below. I created this shortly after our lecture on bioart and it greatly served as an inspiration for my piece Interlaced (2015). I hope to create a larger body of these works and eventually have a grant or fund given to me to create these pieces with real gold, copper etc.:



Thank you,

Alice Musher


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