Midterm – Ocean Landmark

I decided to write a paper on the artwork of Betty Beaumont, an artist that built an artificial reef out of 17,000 blocks of coal-ash. Along with her research, I included research from other articles about the impact of creating artificial reefs and the benefits it provides.

Here is the introduction of my essay:

In Ocean Landmark, 1980, Betty Beaumont collaborated with scientists in the field of ecology to raise questions about life, in the context of the pollution that affects our oceans and over-fishing. This project was an underwater work in the Atlantic Ocean, 40 miles north from the New York Harbor and three miles off Fire Island National Seashore. The project consists of 17,000 coal fly-ash blocks that recycles wastes, creates a new home for fish, and provides food for people1. It was a genuine idea from 1980 that served as a role model for future techniques to improve conditions in the oceans. By using this technique, Beaumont is getting two birds with one stone, recycling wastes and creating new ecosystems for the fish. Her work serves as a reminder to the public that we are the ones causing these issues, but that they can still be fixed by using waste itself as a useful medium.

-Daniel Yang


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