Midterm Project: Overblown

Title: Overblown

Artist: Christina Carr A10853486 & Kayla Batom

Completion Date: February 15th, 2015

Place of Creation: Home Garage

Style: Projection Interaction

Technique: Projector, Adobe Premiere

Video:  https://vimeo.com/119922824




The process: My partner and I created an 11 minute film, a montage of extremely magnified cells under a microscope paired with sound we thought fit the images. We attempted to set a relationship between the often beautiful and fascinating overblown cells and an etheral, deep, often unsettling soundscape. This video was then projected on a loop in my partner’s dark garage, on a blank white wall, with large speakers. We invited a number of people down into the garage to watch the projection and even interact with it, via gel papers held before the projector lens. Those who interacted with our project were caught up in the process, some even attempting to match the colors with the soundtrack. Most who saw the projection experienced a sense of either unease or fascination, or both.

The concept: The concept behind this project was the unearthing of the unseen through technology. We are showing viewers the world observed by instruments. We were inspired by this question: Is the universe observed by instruments the same universe observed by a human without instruments? A cell would not exist to us without technology. A whole other world that is invisible to us. It also raises questions about the unprecedented levels of surveillance emerging in our new technology driven world. We can now be observed and recorded on the molecular level. We used gel papers to change the color of the projection because cells are affected by light in the world via sunlight, radiation, etc.

Notes On Our Collaboration: My partner Kayla and I were discussing the idea of organic life being changed by technology. Through this discussion we agreed that the idea of projecting something one might say is intended to remain unseen can be almost uncomfortable yet fascinating process. Since we came up with the idea of projecting cells together, we decided working together would be best. Kayla is a media major, so she was able to procure the needed equipment, and I provided a gallery space and an audience. We edited the video and soundtrack together using adobe premiere, taking turns at the computer and discussing each cut and splice. We both agreed that our piece could be preformed live at an exhibition.




Christina Carr




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