Midterm Project: Transgenic Laboratory

Title: Transgenic Laboratory

Artist: Elliot Yang

Completion Date: February 15th, 2015

Place of Creation: Home

Style: 3D Environment, Transgenic Futurism

Technique: Maya, Unity

This artwork was created using the software programs Maya and Unity to create a 3D environment to emulate a futuristic environment.  Inspired by the movie Gattaca, I was intrigued by the way of how everything in the film was based on genetics; social hierarchy, health and life expectancy etc.  However, although eugenics was a major theme in the movie, it showed more of its social impact, rather than how it worked visually.

Thus my artwork is a laboratory that what I envision how a genetic laboratory works.  The laboratory specializes in both digitally constructing the desired genetic structure of a biological organism and creates it.  The structure has two levels.

The upper floor is the “research” area, where scientists use interfaces to map out their desired genetic DNA.

The bottom level seems more factory-like, and is the location where transgenic organisms are stored/created.

From the past readings from our class, I believe that there are possibilities of a future where humanity’s reliance on technology and eugenics come together to form a sort of “perfect” transgenic society.  Although currently, scientific technology isn’t advanced enough to manipulate DNA on the same level as Gattaca, the future might be different.

It is forecasted that the breakthroughs about to come in understanding and potentially controlling the organic world—including our own bodies—will make the electronic and computer revolution look like child’s play. These understandings will lead to signficant cultural questions about the nature of being human and the implications of biological manipulation. -Stephen Wilson (53)

Although this project is not meant to advocate nor promote eugenics or human transgenic science, it is meant to create a simulation or my own take on such a future.

-Elliot Yang



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