Midterm Project: Unperceived Sounds

Title: Unperceived Sounds

Artist: Chih-Wen Kuo (Wen) and Tzu-Hsien Yang (Anna)

Completion Date: February 17, 2015

Place of Creation: Quiet rooms on campus and apartment

Style: Body and art

Technique: Sound recording of heartbeats, video recording of people

Material: Thinklab Stethoscope App, Adobe Premier Pro, iPhone camera, headphones

Link to documentation of piece:


Our project is to focus on the relation of internal body sound, specifically the heartbeat, and human faces. We first told our participants to place the iPhone against their skin in order to record the sound of their heartbeats. Then we took a short video of the participant without them showing any facial expressions. The idea behind this is to give audience both the visual effect and sound effect of the human body. We wanted to make all the facial expressions equal but when the audience sees these faces, they are hearing individual heartbeats of these people. It gives the impression of repetition, however, each individual is producing his or her own sound. Normally when we see people, we cannot hear their heart pounding or see the movement of their heart on a graph, but with this project we are able to explore participants’ heartbeats. As the faces gradually multiply, the heartbeats start to overlap which can create offbeat. Finally, at the end of the video audiences will experience the intensity of human heartbeats all playing at the same time with unique faces staring at the viewer. The purpose of this art piece is to create a visual audio representation of the human body and be able to listen to a sound that we normally do not notice.


-Participants first used istethoscope app to locate their heartbeat on their chest, then used the Thinklab Stethoscope app to record and email out.

-Thanks friends for participating in this piece!

– Chih-Wen Kuo (Wen) & Tzu-Hsien Yang (Anna)


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