Midterm – Symphony of DNA Dynamics

Yinrou Wang, A91424838

VIS 159/ICAN 150 Midterm, Winter 2015

TA: Stephanie Sherman

Feb. 17, 2015

Title: Symphony of DNA Dynamics

Artist: Yinrou Wang

Completion Date: 2/17/2015

Place of Creation: in silico/Macbook Pro

Style: Processing Art

Genre: Molecular Dynamics

Technique: Computer Programming

Material: Digital

Link to documentation of piece: https://vimeo.com/119930233

Descriptive paragraph:

Using the coordination of motion and simple figures in Viking Eggeling’s “Symphonie diagonale” as the main source of reference and inspiration, this short digital film was produced to represent, via simple abstract symbols and animations, the role of DNA dynamics in life. The different animated scenes touch on the spatial-temporal aspects of DNA unwinding, transcription binding, and DNA replication. Rather than going for exactness of molecular mechanisms, I tried to focus on the presentation of the stochasticity of the various transcription factors, the miraculous and beautiful regularity of the DNA structure and its winding and unwinding processes, and the interaction between the two. To make the molecular animations more personal, the intervening mise en scenes that simulate the fly through of the molecules are formed through transforming pixels from live captured motion images of whoever is in front of the webcam while the Processing program is running.

-Yinrou Wang


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