Prosaic Drones – Midterm Project

Title: Prosaic Drones

Artist: Dorian Koehring

Completion Date: 2/17/15

Place of Creation: Front yard/bedroom

Style: Musical Composition

Genre: Experimental/Electronic

Technique: Digital Audio Workstation (Ableton Live), Programming (Pure Data)

Material: Built in laptop microphone, sound.

Length: 4:54

By recording and manipulating sounds from in and around my house, I wanted to capture the hidden qualities of noise pollution. Utilizing the simple built-in microphone in my laptop, this piece intends to put into focus the perpetual audible drone associated with everyday life caused by the machines, natural forces, and life around us. Best heard with headphones, the listener must pay close attention in order to fully grasp the nuances/emotions of the complete soundscape presented. The sounds comprised in this composition include field recordings of my front yard at night and in the morning, assorted sounds associated with different rooms of my house, plucking my violin, as well as a few synthesized drum-hits/synth for embellishment and aesthetic. The use of my laptop’s mic as my recording device is to exemplify how audible the sounds that we usually block out of our perception are. The majority of processing/mixing/production of this piece was done through Ableton Live. In addition, I created a type of sampler in Pure Data (Pd) that chops and loops my recordings in a rhythmic yet loose way.

With this piece, I hope to compel listeners to be more conscious of the constant droning that prevails in our daily lives and to question how such noise might influence our affective state.

– Dorian Koehring A10317052

Screenshot of composition in Ableton Live and sampler in Pd.
Screenshot of composition in Ableton Live and sampler in Pd.

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