The Ultimate Enhancement

Title: The Ultimate Enhancement

Artist: Xi Wang 

Completion Date: Feb. 17, 2015

Place of Creation: home

Style, genre: sculptures made from the readymades

Technique: physical arrangements of the object

Material: manikin models and various kinds of medicine

Link to documentation of piece:

Descriptive paragraph:

This project is made in response to our class topic of medicine advancement. It comprises of three manikins, each represents a state of human-beings in the past, present, future. The use of real medicine is to help the viewers relate the topic to the contemporary issue in the our society.

Before the existence of medicine, mankind is clear of external chemicals (Manikin “Past”). We have very limited control of the state of our bodies. As mankind’s need for longer life span increases, we advance technology to look for cures for all type of illness. However, meanwhile, we carelessly allow these seemingly magical pills gradually destroy our natural immune system and our ability of getting the necessary intake from the nature, replacing them with growing dependence on synthetic chemicals. This is the time when we start to take all sorts of pills for even the slightest sickness (Manikin “Present”). Nonetheless, with the inherent fear of external intrusion, we still hope that we won’t have to rely on medicine in our anticipated future. We dream about technologies that would eliminate the possibility of illness even before it could break out (GATTACA, Andrew Niccol). Yet, we still ignore the fact that when mankind finally reach the point that every illness could be cured by medical treatment, we will also fall into the situation that we could never able to live without the existence medicine, not only as pills but as a science in whole (Manikin “Future”).

The Ultimate Enhancement is a satire to the ongoing diseased trending of hoping to achieve perfect health through medical intervention. The pills sticked to the “Present” manikin indicate the ones we take for different parts of organs. The “Future” manikin then have all the medicines ground and blended together, implying the medicine’s total conquer human body. And in the larger picture, it is even more pathetic that human ourselves are the causative agent who generate all the deleterious food, water, and air that have damaged ourselves in the first place.

Group_1Group_7Group_6Group_3Group_5Group_4Group_2Past_6Past_5Past_3Past_7Past_4Past_1Past_2Present_6Present_7Present_5Present_4Present_3Present_1Present_2Future_1 Future_2  Future_4 Future_5 Future_3Future_6 Future_7


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