Week 6/ Midterm/Dissection of The “Ear on Arm”

My paper describes “the third ear” by Stelarc and explains the way it approaches the concept of life through experimental technology and medical surgery in its social, geographic, and historical contexts. The invention of the successive ear takes up the ethical dilemmas of abnormality and the malfunction of organism as a result of embedding the artificial structure into it.

Conclusion Paragraph

It is no doubt that such new invention in the field of experimental engineering like an additional ear contributes to the global advancement in hi-tech. Stelarc put his best efforts into creating his extraordinary devises and making them work. A large crew sweated under the embedding of the additional ear into the forearm of an inventor. The ear was made at laboratory and then demonstrated at scientific shows so far. An artist went through fire and water until the ear was finally installed. Moreover, the working group has an idea to improve the innovation via adding an ear lobe here and making it more sculptured. This way or another, such an odd invention raises some social, political, and ethical dilemmas. Most people loathe Stelarc’s creation finding it disgusting in aesthetical context as well as consider such interference in human body unethical. The question is whether this artificial ear brings some significant social or political value. However, scientists would agree that Stelarc’s ideas enrich the scientific treasury worldwide.

-Mengchun Tao


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