Our Perception of Nature

A-life is a debated subject in our culture today. It makes us call into question what is life and what constitutes as life. Down the road will we consider life to still be described as a completely organic state of being? Can an exact, autonomous representation of biological process be considered life even if it not completely organic? A-life allows us to peek a little towards the future and contemplate subjectively our own opinions on the matter.

We consider our world, our surroundings and our state of being to be life. We consider our would to be a natural world. We call into question futuristic processes that may be in-graspable concepts for us to think about. Analyze our current state, is this world that we live in really so natural? We cling to this concept that things are about to change so drastically that we are afraid. Look around, human populations are rising, there is becoming less and less actual nature around us, we have advancements in medicine that keep humans alive way beyond previous life expectancies. In comparison to one hundred years ago our world is not natural, so why question the continuation of a process that we have been executing for all of our human history. Nell Tenhaff explains “ Because nature is increasingly  indistinguishable from manipulations of nature, which is evident in the ease in with with we accept pharmaceutical regulations of our moods of the rationalized management of what we still call wilderness, such a point of view is important for any designer of a reality model, be it artist, engineer, or scientist.” Tenhaaf is in some sense mocking our idea of natural, telling us that the world we believe to be natural is in fact increasingly unnatural. I believe that we will eventually consider A-life to be a legitimate form of life, we just have not been able to be accustomed to it.

In conclusion we have a skewed perception of nature. We believe the world we live in to be organic but as time shows we stray more and more from that year by year. We have been on this path or inorganic life for as long as we know. The idea is just advancement we will always continue to advanceNellTenhaaf


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