Midterm Project: “Outliers Make a Difference”

Title: Outliers Make a Difference

Artist: Gabrielle Jarrett

Completion Date: Feb. 18th

Place of Creation: Various homes and public transportation

Style: Knitting Genre: Data Representation

Technique: Horizontal Loom

Materials: Yarn (50/50 Wool/Acrylic), Yarn Hook, Crochet Hook




Throughout my courses at UCSD, I have been most interested in the topic of artistic data representation. The genetic music composers we discussed have re-sparked my interest in alternate versions of experiencing research statistics. However, instead of doing a similar sound-related project (as is my specialty), I decided to branch out into the world of textiles. The data I have represented is from a study relating education to lower birth rates and consequently, lower overpopulation. They made an intriguing argument for educating young women especially. Below is the article and statistics; I used the countries that were highest and lowest in primary school attendance (Japan and Eritrea, respectively). I chose these samples and my title based on both meanings of the word “outlier”. Yes, these two represent extremes, but I thought them most valuable in creating a visual dichotomy. The large grey bands represent the primary school attendance rates, each row representing 4% of the children able to attend school, with the largest band at the end representing Japan (100% attendance) and the middle band Eritrea (35.7% attendance). After each of these, I alternated red and grey bands, with the grey representing the first generation of women and the red representing the statistical average of offspring those women will have. So, following Japan’s attendance rate is their birth rate ratio (1: 1.3) and after Eritrea’s attendance rate is their birth rate ratio (1: 4.6). I hope that this project brings to light a less severe solution to the overpopulation problem, which I relate to the Ecology portion of our course.




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