Week 7 Response: Mathematics Arts

“Mathematics-inspired art is usually lumped into discussions of art and science-technology” (Wilson 297). Mathematics is not just like other nature science. In my opinion, every thing is based on mathematics which included biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Such as the chromosome, DNA, the combination of each chemical and biological elements, the light traveling, or the structure of any object.

Here are some examples of the mathematics of art:

640px-Da_Vinci_Vitruve_Luc_Viatour Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man 

837px-Drawing_Square_in_Perspective_2.svgLights traveling from the object to our eyes

Cell-chromosomes-and-DNA chromosome_sm

DNA, chromosomesmonslisa Rectangles superimposed on the Mona Lisa demonstrating golden ratio at work 



These works had been well calculated before the artist made them, and for the nature science part, the angel and how did the structure made were all based on the calculations (the angel, the length, the connection, and the rotation).



These two websites talk about the Golden Ratio which is usually appear in the natural world that no matter plants or animals, they are all growing with the rule of the Golden Ratio which makes the biology more organized.

In the picture of Mona Lisa, we could see that there are many rectangle that added onto her face which are Golden Rectangles, people believe that if a person’s appearance is prettier if that person’s body parts are organized as the Golden Ratio, and the viewer will feel more comfortable.

1 2 3

“Mathematics is a field with a dual identity. Many mathematicians study abstract patterns, symmetries, and relationships divorced from any concern with their relationship to the physical world” (Wilson 298). The symmetry is an important part of an art project. Some artists like to make art pieces with the certain pattern with a certain symmetry. In the lecture, Ben F. Laposky who olddedicated in the computer art, he used basic electronic wave as the element of his art works.These three images are Mr. Laposky’s works, which reminds me a drawing tool that I loved to use in my childhood that could let me draw many beautiful patterns which is similar to the tool in the image on the right. The art work of Laposky was made by machine which could make sure that the calculation would not be wrong and the pattern would be more regular and similar to each others not like the hand-painted works. Human beings could not make a thing as detailed as the machine which will be less accurate than the machine-made art works. I like the thing that in a certain pattern nicely, neat and that was the reason that I like some of the machine-made (or computing arts) art works and the reason why I liked using the tool in that image when I was young.

Tzu-Hsien Yang (Anna)


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