Week 7:

AutomobileBy  now it is very apparent that the mixture of science and art is important if not mandatory. Of course the obvious example is Leonardo Da Vinci who is famous for his extensive portfolio of painting, sculpture, writing, etc., as well as his inventions, engineering, botany, etc. Da Vince would dissect human cadavers and study anatomy so that he could paint and sculpt more accurately. Without the technical knowledge you can’t progress much with art and vice versa. I realize now how obvious that is. I don’t know why I ever thought art and science to be so disconnected. I am particularly taken with music, specifically with electric guitar. With an electric guitar one must use cables and an amplifier at a minimum. Of course, I am also infatuated with guitar pedals that create effects and colorization to the sound of the signal. This interest alone requires some basic knowledge of electricity and electronics. The art of playing the guitar is the musicality sculpting a unique sound. The technical part comes with needing to troubleshoot and fix problems that come up as well as the hunger to dig deeper into how guitars, pedals, and amps function. This necessary balance happens in any art form. No matter how traditional or advanced the art form is there is a natural occurrence of art and science.

The reading this week seemed to question the validity of using computers or mathematics in artwork. With any new invention, progression, or advancement in technology people of all interests will take part, whether it’s making art from the new tools, helping to develop the new tools, or being the spectator. Artists such as “internet artists” or “algorists” have the same voice in the art world as any other artists. In fact, what is so interesting about artists that take experiment and create with new technologies and mediums is interesting their work becomes. I became really interested in “internet art” recently. I found it fascinating and extremely eye opening that people took something that I use as a tool everyday and created art from it. The internet was something I used no only see topically. I never considered anything beyond it’s main function as a database.

One of my favorite net art sites:


– Chad Goss


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