Fractals, sequences, sacred geometry

For this weeks post i am going to provide you with a small collection of images relating to fractals and musical examples similar to the ones provided in class.


Spiritual Science

Sacred geometry- flower of life


This video uses the Mandelbrot set to create fractal music.

While the Fibonacci Sequence is not technically fractal, there are definitely some similarities. This is a video describing how the band Tool wrote its song Lateralus to coincide with the famous sequence….pretty cool stuff:

The reason i decided to post about fractals this week is that i believe they are key ingredients for our race to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Sacred geometry is fractal based and there are entire religions and belief systems based on it. The concept that the major questions we face can be traced back to mathematics and geometry really fascinates me. I know some people think this is totally false, but all i would say to them is to do your research, there is a lot of information on it out there and a lot if it makes a ton of sense. In the meantime, enjoy this images and videos.

~Jonathan Yergler


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