Week 8: Fractals of Life

Though they may seem highly geometric, fractals can be found in many forms in both nature and life.  Fractals are a curve or geometric figure where each part has the same statistical character as the whole.

The Mandelbrot Set animated based on a static number of iterations per pixel.

They were first named by mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, who discovered the Mandelbrot set, a set of complex numbers ‘c’ for which sequence denoted by complex quadratic polynomial z_{n+1}=z_n^2+c does not approach infinity. This formula allows for the set to continuously create forms that create fractals, which can seen throughout life. Check it out below!

Fractals in flowers and plants:

Fractals in natural formations and earth:

Fractals in animals and even humans:

Fractals continue to be present in life and nature all around us, and some of these fascinating patterns only require a closer look!

“Your body is covered in fractals”

– Ron Eglash, mathematician and science studies scholar, RPI

-Addison Bi


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