Week 8 Response/ the Beauty of Mathematics, Mo-Math

One of the topics we discovered this week was the math world in the art. The images and videos we saw in the lecture about the algorithm and fractals are amazingly beautiful. Math is everywhere. We find fractals in human bodies, in the nature, in architecture, in Africa, etc. How important math is in the world and how beautiful it is! I still remember a paper I wrote in middle school titled “Beautiful 0.618”. The excitement of finding so many natural and artificial things utilize the golden ratio is the same as now when I found the art in math world so amazing. In this blog, I want to introduce Mo-Math, the National Museum of Mathematics, which I happened to find online, with some interesting projects and photos of it.

Mo-Math opened in 2012 and is located in Manhattan, New York City. Most exhibits it features are interactive pieces. Kids love the place because there is so much fun.



One of the most famous exhibit is the Math Midway. It has traveled around the country. Watch this video if you are interested.

Another fun project that involves fractals is called “Human Tree”. It maps your body to the screen and replace your arm with your own body. When your arms move the tree will grow like fractals and move with you.

Clearer images can be found in this video.

Photo gallery of Mo-Math.

img_2709 img_2757 8-fefrpaisley p1020122

dsc_0368_2 img_3044-1 img_4464_0img_2759 img_2836-1 img_3049 img_3365 img_2643 img_4108

The coolest thing I find about this museum is that the successful intersections of art, math and technology. The design and display, the high tech programmings, as well as the educational aspects are working together very well. After learning all these about the Mo-Math, I really wish I could go visit that place one day. This is so inspiring. Hopefully I might even create a piece of math artwork which suits the museum that kids would love in the future.

–Siyi Ye


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