Week 8: Technicity


Technology follows us everywhere today; however, we don’t have a strong grasp on what it is. Humans and nature have relationships that have negotiated throughout history with computing systems and machines. Technology was brought into a world of human things in order to be used as a “Tool of the mind”. These relationships have created hardware, software,machines and systems. The aspect of identity expressed through the relationship with technology is called Technicity. The extent to which technologies mediate, supplement, and augment collective life; the extent to which technologies are fundamental to the grounding of human endeavor; and the unfolding or evolutive power of technologies to make things happen in conjunction with people”.



Technicity is an “essential third ingredient in the relationship between humans and nature.”




Hardware includes devices such as boards, drives, and chips. It is condisdered the more tangible element of computing, compared to software, which is less tangible.




Software is able to store things in devices, which makes it possible to search for things and find the missing puzzle pieces. Software can also instruct one for computing data.



In order to come to grips with technology, we have to understand our nature also. Technology is not just machines and systems. Technology is a connector between human-human and human-nature. We must imagine machines agency, for

machines are maintaining humanity’s position at the top of the identity pyramid. However, no one will replace us; no one can replace us. A machine that wants to be a human only emphasizes all the ways in which a machine will always fall short.

nature board


Sources: http://thesocietypages.org/cyborgology/2013/10/25/till-we-have-faces-machines-and-persons/

Christina Carr




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