Week 8: Fractals everywhere

This week what I found most excited about is the topic on fractals. I wanted to discover more fractal artwork and the look deeply in its complexity yet simple design. Fractals are fun to look at because it creates this illusion of patterns. The more I look at them, the simpler I see. Here are a couple that I really like and found it interesting:

These are traditional Ethiopian ornaments that’s created by simple geometric shapes and design


even traditional Ethiopian hair style have fractals in them!

ethiopian hairstyle


This is a medieval celtic design from the “Books of Kells” (597 A.D). This book contains varieties of Irish art and designs. Coiled spirals connected with each other by number of curves thus creating the so called “trumpet fractal pattern”.

persian & tradiational islamic ornaments

Here we see a beautiful Persian and traditional Islamic Ornaments which brought back some memories of my trip to Turkey and Spain. There were a lot of rugs and even plates with these amazing designs.

Here is a picture that I took at Alhambra in Grenada, Spain. I remember walking through the palace and it was just amazing because the architecture was crafted in a very delicate way. DSCF4564

With the advancement in technology, we are able to create fractals into 3D fractal art. This is called ‘The Jeweled Tree” by Xenodream. It was named the “best 3D fractal design of the year”3D fractal design

After learning about fractals in art and architecture, I feel like they are truly everywhere and there is so much variation and technology we could play with in this form of art.

-Wen Kuo


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