Week 8 Response / Frachedelic

Mathematics is the study of structure, order, and relation of any kind. Its methods can be applied to imaginary worlds as well as to the “real” world.

Many people think that math is more closely related to science but fractal is a great example of mathematical art. The topic that interests me the most this week was fractals. I enjoy how mathematically logical it is, they’re so chaotic, yet ordered. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns formed by repetition of one pattern at different scales. They are found all throughout our bodies, they can be found on out skin, palm, tissues, and bones. They are reminiscent of the kaleidoscope and psychedelic patterns.buddha_buddahbrot3mandelbulbs_3

mandelbulbs_slice romanesco_fractal_analog

If you look closely, you can see that there are repeating patterns of the same thing within each simulation. I like these because the artists utilizing three dimensions in their digital simulations and renderings. When I think about how cells and how subatomic particles interact, it makes sense to me that they would look like fractals because their form do not vary a lot, it just in the matter of how closely you look at them.


This weekend I took a photo of the sky, the way the clouds were lined up in such order, reminded me of fractals, and if you look close enough, the same patterns would show up over and over. It is quite magical.

-Kelly Kwok


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