Instictual Beings

This week in lecture we had three guests but I would like to somewhat focus on Rachel Mayeri and Deborah Forrester. Primate Cinemas is a series of short films emulating monkey and human like behavior. This juxtaposition of humans acting like primates and primates acting like humans brings up one big question in my mind. How different are we from primates? monkey_0930

In some aspects we are the same and some aspects we are different. We choose to mostly separate our selves from every other species on this planet. We would like to believe we are nothing like primates but it’s really not true. The things most of us desire are extremely instinctual. Most of these things we don’t see as instinctual. Things like sex, food , shelter are all worldly desires. We are no different from animals in the way we pursue life. The drive to survive will ultimately resort us back to our natural instincts. Maybe our society is what Is keeping up from our natural selves.  If our infrastructure collapses then so will our morals. In a post apocalyptic world we will do what it takes to survive. rise-of-the-planet-of-the-apes-originaldownload (2)

On the other hand I can argue that we are different that primates. We have the ability to be self aware. To realize our thoughts before we act plays a major role in out differences. In some cases this is not true but to a trained mind we can feel emotions and try to analyze them before we act on our instinct. Our brains produce chemical reactions that might not be the most advantageous. To realize this is key to humans.

Becoming separate from primates and animals takes logic, dedication, and mindfulness . I argue that it is possible to separate ourselves but at our core we are just like primates. It seems like a thin layer that can be easily striped off with the right circumstances.


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