Week 9: Gestures and Movement

Do you own a dog? If so, you’ve probably noticed that they react when you use a certain gesture, such as point, or stomp, or even open your arms wide with a hug. After the domestication of these animals and bringing them into our homes, we treat them as if they are people to, we talk to them like we talk to anyone else, and we use these gestures as if they understand. Well, they actually do understand–that’s what we call training a dog. In the same way, dogs give us signals and gestures to communicate with us.

In this video, an owner demonstrates her dog showing calming signals. Calming signals are a way for dogs to communicate with other humans/dogs/animals to show that they are not a threat. Usually common calming signals are licking lips, blinking, and yawning. When a dog is curious, they usually tilt their head or look away. Other gestures of dogs are to stretch, wag their tail, and of course, bark.

In this video, different play gestures–both positive and ones to look out for–of different types of dogs are demonstrated.

It’s interesting not notice the tiny things that we’re used to in terms of communication with our dogs.

-Rasmikah Al-arfaj


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