Week 9- Implications of Primate Cinema and Embodied Physics

What stuck with me was the reactions of the primates as they witnessed the videos of other monkeys. There seems to be limited research in what the chimpanzees are communicating across their whoops and hollers. Indeed there could be much communicated across the screams of the chimps running around the zoo to the ones held in captivity.

It is also interesting to see that the chimps are interested in the viewing of such things. This may be due to chimps being such highly visual animals (they are indeed our closest relatives) and thus they are prone to high levels observation.

A conclusion can be made through extrapolation; perhaps species of chimps have an affinity towards surveillance (or just the simple act of observation). Perhaps the chimps are communicating across the medium. The chimps of the enclosure could be receiving the calls of the zoo monkeys as informational language.

An interesting topic indeed, but I don’t believe we should be quick to say monkeys like watching drama as much as humans do. I am sure that monkeys can be taught to be as humans, a docile programmed consumer, but these chimps look as if they are receiving new stimulus and are not quite aware of how they should respond, so they compensate with their very exciting reaction.

I do, however, believe that these chimps are taking the new stimulus and reacting much in the same way as humans do, they are beginning to take the stimulus and internalizing (mentally replaying) the stories. This is a very human thing because no other species tells stories in such a visual way. Thus, the chimps are doing as humans and becoming docile consumers, however, at inception they are overreacting to a new stimulus and they will assimilate at some point.

More on the topic of visualizing, but with relating to embodied physics. It’s actually quite intuitive that embodied physics is such a success. The problem lies in the thought that humans can be so theoretical, when in fact we are highly visual animals. It makes hardly any sense to not physically recreate an experiment. To not rely on physical/visual studies as a method of teaching is quite pompous. As if humans can transcend the physical world we live in. The scientists of the great times all used notes on books, graphics on books, visualization of space and time to realize their great theories. We humans are mutually exclusive from the physical world so it would make zero sense to separate ourselves in theoretical physics.

It is a good movement to see Dr. Burgasser realize physics in the medium by which we work.

-P. Jesus Diaz


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