Week 9/10? – Gesture Design

I am most interested in the reading for incorporating gesture into art for the design factor. I would love to be apart of research and development to move us past using typical interface tools such as the keyboard and mouse.

Ergonomically our current state of working, playing, and learning is detrimental to our health. With each passing year comes new technology and methods for living that make things easier and more efficient. Just think about how easy it is to do something in America. We can eat any kind of food that we think of in minutes. We can order anything we want and it will be shipped to our doorstep. We can lookup any information that we can dream of. The world, in some places, is unbelievably easy to live in compared to the past. However, progressing and making things easier shouldn’t make us unhealthy and/or lazy. We should have to sacrifice health for pleasure and convenience. I believe gesture technology can play a huge part in this.

Think if you could edit your photos or music while standing up and on any surface of your room. Think if you didn’t need to rest your wrists on any surfaces or cramp your hand around some kind of controller or remote. What if we could have the beauty and convenience of computing but with the addition of natural movement. A lot of people today are tethered to a computer in most aspects of their life. Even if you are a sales associate and stand in a store all day you have to hunch over a computer and type during transactions. But what if that would change?

What about the typical classroom setting? What if we could stand in a lecture all to  remain alert. Imagine the classroom in an anti-traditional sense. Perhaps the lecture hall is circular and the professor can walk anywhere in the space to interact with the students more personally. Imagine the professor could control the lecture slides from any where in the hall and display slides on any surface or maybe even without a surface. Imagine this world where we sit less and move more while still accomplishing our educational, professional, and personal endeavors.

Of course this is already in effect in some aspects. The tablet is a big step forward in using mainly gestures to control it. Microsoft’s Kinect or Nintendo’s Wii are steps in the right direction.

Here we see the gesture technology realized by MIT in a TED Talk:

Here we see a concept used in the movie HER with video game gesturing:

– Chad Goss


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