Midterm Topic


My midterm paper discusses the art installation, Condensation Cube, by Hans Haacke and the interaction of this installation with its surroundings and how this display can be seen as a direct representation of our current environmental situation. Here is an excerpt from my paper:

“According to Stephen Wilson in Information Arts, ecology embodies broad notions of all things organismal and the interactions of said organisms with the environment (Wilson 129). Such a definition can often lead to the consociation with environmental and conservationist ideals; a topic that interests many artists in that it allows for them to combine the work of visual ecological aesthetics with public life and activism. For this reason, ecological art often finds itself within the realms of human interaction with the environment along with environmental regeneration and ecological activism. One example of such art is the sculptural system, Condensation Cube, by Hans Hacke. German-American artist Hacke completed Condensation Cube in 2008 as a focus on systems and processes. Condensation Cube embodies a physical occurrence, of the condensation cycle that includes the interactions of physical and biological systems and states of matter.  Not only does this box represent an ecological process and life process that depicts the machine of condensation, but it represents an even more specific social problem. The process within this plexiglass and its very sensitive interaction with its human counterparts is where the social issue comes into play. This system utilizes this process in order to respond to our current pollution problem and the sensitivity of the natural processes to ourselves and our actions.”

–Dahlia Dominguez


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