Week 9 Response

Unknown This week in lecture, we learned about Awareness- Through- Movement, Physics on Physics Gestures and primate gesture. All incorporate the seemly scientific approach to raise our sensitivity to movements that are fundamental to all living beings. The seemly scientific approach such as study into a case and an experiment brings out different perspective after having the artistic touch. I would like to response to two things that interested me the most.

First, Rachel Mayeri’s work with the primate cinema was really fascinating. I love the concept of making a film for the apes but in fact we, as human being, observe the apes when they are watching the film. And, as viewers, we watch the video to analyze the whole experiment. The concept seems easy but it gave me a feeling as I was watching the movie, Inception. One after another, we found that we are really similar to the primal. We study into animals because we though they are different from us and interesting, but in fact human are just animals whom think differently about ourselves. Mayeri’s work incorporates both art and science where they meet each other to give the human audience a better understanding. I appreciate the work because rarely scientists cross the field of their professions like cinema to study into a subject.

Then, Dr. Forster instructed us to do couple exercises to bring our focus to our movements. It is meditating as we pay attention to only on our body. She asked us to find our focal point when we look up. After couple exercises like stretching, she asked us to look up again and check if our focal points have changed. It was amazing to realize the focal point changed after simple movements. She called the exercises, movements, because they are not like work out that tears our muscles. Realizing the change made me more aware of my posture and body. The difference was made after acknowledging it. I would like to enforce the awareness on my own and make the change to my gestures.

Knowing and acknowledging are always the fundamental step to approach something great. It was always a concept but after the lecture, the guest lecturers made them into practice.

-Annie Wei- Yin, Cheng


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