Final Essay: Synthetic life

Based on week 7’s topic–Artificial Life, I would like to write a paper talk about the Synthetic life by the artiest J Craig Venter. In Synthetic life, a work of the year 2010 by John Craig Venter, a bacteria from scratch was developed into a cell and the end result was the world’s first form of synthetic life (Sample 2010). The development was published in May 2010 describing the success of the team in constructing the first self-reproducing synthetic bacterial cell. The synthetic cell which is called Mycoplasma mycoides (Sample 2010) was a proof that genomes can be made electronically, chemically made in the laboratory and later transplanted into a recipient cell so as to produce a new self-multiplying cell that is only controlled by the synthetic genome (Sample 2010). It simply paved way for organism that are built rather than evolved (Sample 2010). The controversial development, which occupied a team of twenty researchers was conducted at the J Craig Venter Institute (JCVI), a not for profit genomic research organization in the United States of America.

Although this is a very successful work, there raises a big argument about the ethical problem. Synthetic biology, whose main aim is creation of artificial life has also come under heavy criticism that it is considered playing God. It raises religious and philosophical concerns about the nature of life and the process of creation.

From my point of view the society should also recognize that all these efforts are geared towards the bettering of life and thus they should actually be supportive to such developments. The governments should also play a role in making the public knowledgeable about these advancements to finally reap the benefits. The organizations challenging the developments should do it in a manner that will not deceive the general public.



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