Final – Everyday Rhythm

Title – Everyday Rhythm

Artist – Chad Goss

Medium – Microphones, Ableton Audio Editing Software

Location – Computer

Everyday Rhythm

My final is a further venture into using a recorded conversation in a musical piece. In my midterm I recorded four people talking, placed audio effects on the files, and essentially let the conversation make the piece, which was titled Everyday Harmony. With the midterm I was interested in a normal conversation being beautiful, musical, and harmonious. I used audio effects to embellish this notion. However, with my final piece I wanted to go a step farther and make something a little more musical and much more rhythmic. I accomplished this by picking out a section of the previously recorded conversation, at random, and chopped that section into a bunch of smaller pieces. I then placed those smaller pieces in software with which I could use to trigger each individual sound bite at my discretion. The point was to be able to used the conversation the same way one would play a piano or any other tonal instrument. The sound files had no special tonal or rhythmic characteristics; I merely played them to my liking then recorded each phrase. The rhythmic parts of this piece have no special audio effects on them besides being chopped up and played with a keyboard. The tonal aspects do have effects which add harmonics and tones to each sound which make them musical.

The final product is similar to any other type of song that I would create with traditional drums and/or synthesizers. What I really love is that this feels a bit more organic and the song came together more naturally because I was using sounds that I am not used to, so each sound was new and interesting and didn’t suffer the usually rigorous auditioning and refining that my other music most often goes through. I was able to record a phrase, loop it, and layer other phrases on top or start and stop loops as I felt fit for the piece.


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