Final: Fibonacci Mirror



Title: Fibonacci Mirror

Artist: Siyi Ye

Completion Date: March 17, 2015

Place of Creation: home

Style: computer art, interactive art

Technique: coding, performance

Material: computer

Link to the video demo:


My project is an interactive computer mirror that displays the frames captured by the webcam in the real time. The display is consisted of eight mirror squares that have the sizes similar to the famous Fibonacci Sequence. I wrote the code in the Processing software. I calculated the size and position of each square and flipped and rotated each of them in accordance with the Fibonacci Spiral. The program has a normal mode and a colorful mode. The color mode has different color layers on squares. By pressing the “f” button on the keyboard, you can switch between different modes. You can also save the image by pressing the “s” button.


My project is a combination of processing art and mathematics. It is inspired by the math topics as well as the computer algorithms topic we discussed in the class. It reflects the viewer himself in the Fibonacci Squares, having different sizes and colors. The concept behind is to represent a person’s various different inner selves. It is also a project that recognizes the beauty of mathematics.

I would like to have my project installed in a gallery or a museum, such as the Museum of Mathematics in New York. When people come near to the “mirror”, they will see themselves in the colorful Fibonacci patterns. They can make different gestures before the “mirror” and see how the Fibonacci Mirror performs interesting animations.

In the demo video, I fast forward the recorded process of myself playing with the Fibonacci Mirror on the computer in my living room with a real mirror wall.


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