Final / Harmonograph: Art Meets Physics

Artist: Kelly Ching Ki Kwok

Completion Date: March 16, 2015

Place of Creation: At home, in front yard

Style: Mechanical, function, interactive art

Technique: Woodwork, physics

Material: Wood (plywood, wooden dowels, balsa), hardware (ball and socket joints, washers, screws), free weights

From lecture I was extremely inspired by the harmonograph. Artists like Karl Sims and mathematician, Hugh Blackburn were predecessors on building machines like this. Like my midterm, this is an art machine that incorporated ideas of physics. Instead of mechanical forces, this time is oscillatory waves. This machine contains 3 pendulums; I decided I want mine to have maximum movement, thus maximizing the number of degrees of freedom, which is 2.  I enjoy art machines like these so much because they are interactive and educational. This could definitely be something at the Exploratorium. P1330457 P1330507 P1330508



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